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To experience the world of software-defined storage by

Houston we have a problem

Unstructured data doubles every 2 years

By 2020 there will be 30 billion connected devices

Vendor lock-in and too much spend on storage hardware

New data sources from cloud, social and Internet of Things

High storage management costs. Flat or declining IT budgets

Enterprises are missing opportunity to leverage data to gain a competitive advantage

Are your IT resources being sucked into a

black hole?

How can you save your

enterprise from a

data disaster?

Experience the full power of Software Defined with EMC Free & Frictionless downloads

Leverage commodity hardware

Achieve your CapEx and OpEx goals

No more vendor lock in: Independently choose your hardware

Build better clouds

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Elastic Cloud Storage

Cloud-scale storage for Modern applications  and IoT with native support for Amazon S3, OpenStack SWIFT, EMC Atmos, CAS and Hadoop HDFS – all from one platform

Modern apps storage at 65% lower TCO than public cloud with scalability into the exabyte range.

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Store extremely large objects or trillions of small objects in the same efficient geo-distributed storage

Enterprise grade reliability, availability, and serviceability with in-place analytics reduces time to actionable results

Turbocharge server performance

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Hyper-converged scale-out SAN delivers 8X better performance and 60% lower cost than traditional storage

Use the servers you already own and turn existing DAS storage into shared block storage

Dramatically improve performance and expand capacity quickly, easily, and on demand

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Industry’s #1 Scale-out NAS – store, manage and protect unstructured data

Extend your multi-protocol data lake from edge to to core to cloud

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Scale performance and capacity: simple to manage on any scale

Accelerate Hadoop with Isilon’s data-in-place analytics

Launch your software defined infrastructure with EMC today!